City Air Mechanical In The News


  1. Certified Woman Owned Business – See Attached
  2. ND State Contractors License – See Attached
  3. President of  ND Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical Contractors Assoc. – Board Member Since 1999

Purpose:  Support industry issues state wide legislatively, government regulation support, education & training

  1. Bismarck State College HVAC Advisory Board – Since 2009
  2. Bis/Man Mechanical Contractors Assoc. – Since 1999

Purpose:  Tackle local industry issues, promote self regulation vs gov’t mandated regulation through City Code structures and licensure requirements

  1. Bis/Man Chamber of Commerce Board Member – Since Dec 2010

Purpose: Advance the business and economic base of Bismarck Mandan, community development & growth, networking and educational opportunities for members

  1. Bismarck Mandan Rebuilding Together – Board Member Since Jan 2010 – Volunteer Skilled Services  Since 2008

Purpose:  Rebuilding Together is a United Way agency which provides assistance for people who  own their home but physical limitations or income has made maintenance virtually impossible.

  1. Medcenter One Club Member

Purpose: Build long-range financial stability for Medcenter One and/or the College of Nursing

  1. Treasurer ND Center for Technology & Business

Purpose: A champion for business development in rural ND with training and education opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners all across ND with a special focus on lifting up women in business.

  1.  Commitment to Employee Safety
    1.  ND’s Only Fully Compliant ECCS(Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety)  Contractor
    2. WSI – Safety Action Committee:  Employee managed and implementation all safety initiatives, training directives, accident investigations, Safety Manual reviews and changes
    3. OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety – 100% employee participation
    4. WSI – Drug Free Workplace:  Training & Testing 100% employee participation
    5. Quarterly Safety Meetings and Weekly Toolbox Training – 100% employee participation
    6.  Other Misc Association Memberships
      1.  Associated General Contractors
      2. Bis/Man Development Assoc
      3. Bismarck Cancer Center
      4. WSI – Safety Management Program
      5. ND Safety Council
      6. ASHREA – American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.