Simplicity Safety Policy Statement

City Air Mechanical holds our employees as our most valuable resource. In order to protect our employees, the company has set in place and enforces a safe work policy that includes a complete Safety Management Program, training, education and other resources to protect you and your fellow workers.

In order to maintain a safe working environment for all concerned, individual employees are obligated to practice safe work procedures and actively seek to identify and notify the company of any safety concerns, near misses, or incidents immediately for corrective action. Failure to comply with City Air Mechanical’s safe work policy will result in disciplinary action and possible dismissal.

The Simplicity Safety Programs success depends in the involvement and participation of the all employees. Keeping a safe workplace is a team effort. Together we can make a difference and together, we CAN prevent accidents and injuries.

Heather Jones


City Air Mechanical has a core culture of providing safe and positive work environment. Our commitment to employee safety is outlined below.

  1. ECCS Contractor (EnergyCoalition for Contractors Safety): We are a rare fully compliant contractor that has completed the third party audits. This extensive program is designed to ensure the safety of our employees and the safety of our customers.
  2. Implementation of the SimpliCITY employee safety program. Screenshot_5
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    1. WSI – Safety Action Committee: Employee managed and implementation all safety initiatives, training directives, accident investigations, Safety Manual reviews and changes
    2. Quarterly Safety Meetings and Weekly Toolbox Training. Requires 100% employee participation
    3. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration): City Air Mechanical employees have completed the rigorous 10 hour training course to ensure they are up to date on all safe working practice. Requires 100% employee participation.
    4. WSI – Drug Free Workplace: Training & Testing. Requires 100% employee participation.
    5. WSI – Return-to-Work Program – giving employees the medical treatment they need plus an opportunity to get back to work sooner